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Leafing Through History
Missouri Botanical Garden

Leafing Through History was the inaugural exhibition for the newly restored and renovated Stephen and Peter Sachs Museum at the Missouri Botanical Garden. One of the most celebrated botanical gardens in the world, MoBot is a critical institution for international botanical research and scholarship. The Sachs Museum is tasked with the curation of exhibitions which reveal and highlight that research in ways that deepen visitors' experiences

Leafing Through History, curated by Museum Curator Nezka Pfeifer, takes a look at contemporary papermaking through the lens of anthropology, botany, sustainability, origami, and contemporary art.

Our work included art direction and design of the exhibition catalog, meant to be a free take-away for museum visitors, as well as a proof-of-concept for the Garden's development team, who were interested in a publication that could be used as a proof of concept in conversations with future donors. Taking the exhibition's origami as a defining conceit, we commissioned one of the artists to reproduce one of their folded works and then to unfold it. This unfolded origami became the cover image, wrapping around the spine to create two facing symmetrical halves. Opening the book to the cover page reveals the finished and folded work. Relationships like these–between image and reader action–abound throughoutout the catalog, facilitating a renewed awareness of materiality. This is further reinforced by the uncoated paper stock and hot foil stamped cover.