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What we believe

We believe in building the brands of the future - ones that celebrate love and protect the earth and spread joy. We believe in the potency of imagination and the constancy of quality. We believe in harnessing technology to connect people and to keep things simple. We believe in just facts but with feeling. We believe in speaking the truth and loudly.

We believe in design that reveals.

What we do

Studiopowell is an independent creative studio based in Saint Louis, MO, lead by artist and designer Michael Powell. We collaborate with other talented creatives to develop impactful experiences spanning diverse markets and industries. Clients include Goldenvoice, The Haas Bros., Craft Alliance, and the Missouri Botanical Garden. Our capabilities include:

Brand Identity
Art Direction
Print & Digital Design
Campaign Design & Direction

In between projects Powell lectures in Communication Design at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts.

Strategic Consulting

Are you a big brand in need of fresh eyes, or just a small business looking for some guidance? Sometimes finding the right answers is all about asking the right questions.

That's why we offer marketing and brand strategy consulting services on a sliding scale, so that no matter where you are on your journey, you can take that next step.


Paper Lab is a bespoke small-batch papermaking lab within Studiopowell that focuses on studio-studio collaboration and research. We work closely with our clients to craft custom paper for use in brand identities, artist editions and product packaging.

Want your letterhead to glow in the dark? Sure. Want it to change color when touched? We got you. Paper — it's our secret sauce.