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Craft Alliance

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After more than 50 years in their original home on the Delmar Loop, Craft Alliance – one of the great American craft schools dedicated to the traditional craft arts –began the process of moving to a new location in the freshly minted Delmar Maker District of St. Louis.

Wishing to take advantage of the situation, Craft Alliance approached us for a full rebrand to match their new digs, including a new brand mark, standards, colorways, and type (complete with a library of custom glyphs).

An extensive community engagement and research phase revealed that while the history of the non-profit needed to be preserved, the staff were looking for an updated system that was bold, contemporary, and "looked hot on merch."

Long story short: The new identity had to pay respect to the past but hold its own in an ever more visual world; staying relevant across a wide range of programs and communities.

Based on the form of a quotation mark, the new brand mark alludes to Craft Alliance’s mission: to be a resource for the community, and a platform for telling Craft stories and sharing Craft knowledge. The brand mark can even be split in half to become custom quotation marks, allowing the creation of evocative ad/social campaigns.