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Arbolope Studio

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Arbolope Studio is a Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, and Public Art firm based in St. Louis, Missouri. Only a few years after its founding, the firm has already amassed a serious portfolio, collaborating with Studio Gang, Michael Vergason, and Project for Public Spaces (NY), among others.

Our task was to develop their brand identity, expanding outwards from the founding partners' love of tree rings as a central image. We new from the beginning that Arbolope's identity had to reflect their earnest passion for good design and social welfare–all while maintaining a start-up/young guns attitude essential to the culture of the office.

Their new logo harkens back to the trees, yet it's subtle curves also suggest broader topographies and placemaking. Their brand typeface suite combines the lithe minimalism of Universe with the upstart flirty-ness of Circular. Following the intial brand work, Arbolope requested that we design and developed both a website and marketing collateral to match.

A major highlight of that collateral was the development of their 2020 New Years mailer. Featuring project highlights on one side and a unique calendar on the other. We removed all holiday notations and asked the Arbolope designers to compile a diverse list of Missouri native plants. Using information on how the colors of those plants change throughout the seasons, we constructed a color field that could sit beneath the calendar dates. The result is a poster which is both a minimal calendar and also a quick guide to the real colors of the Missouri landscape on any given day.

Check the date, then take a walk.